Changes to Google Apps for Business

Yesterday, Google announced that they will be changing their Apps for Business service, removing the free enterprise version that allows small businesses to use Apps services and up to ten email accounts, free of charge.

SoT and Google

We use Google Apps for our mail because it’s safe, secure and has 99.99% up time.  We think it’s the most reliable way to provide email to our clients.  It also comes with a host of other benefits, such as calendar and cloud storage.  Many of our clients have no need for more than 10 users, and so are currently using the free version.

Existing clients

Can I keep my free Google Apps account?

Yes – that’s the good news.  Google won’t be forcing anybody to upgrade to the paid account until youwant more than ten users, or more than 10GB storage space – so you can also continue to create new accounts until you reach this limit.

New clients

Can I still set up free Google Apps accounts?

Yes you can, but only for individuals.  Google Apps for Business is now strictly a paid service, starting at $50 per year (around £32).

Find out more

For more information please see the article on the Google Enterprise blog, the new Google Apps Pricing page, or contact us on 0117 230 3322. You can also find more information on Google Apps in our article: Google Apps for Business – A tool you can’t do without!



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